Top HR Recruitment Trend we followed this year

We, as the Human Resource Team of IME Pay, have well-understood that the core effectiveness of our company’s operation resides in the hands of employees. We believe that employees are the lifeblood of any organization, and finding the fittest talent is one of the most prominent tasks for our team.

However, the recent pandemic impacted significantly on our strategies too. We had to shift our workplace to our homes and had to let go of a few employees. This gap that we saw during those few months had to fill up sooner and for the better, because our tasks don’t wait for a pandemic. Hence, we adapted a few of these HR trends to recruit the fittest talent to work efficiently during this period:

Remote Interviewing

While everyone was inside their home, and neither we nor our possible candidates could get out of their homes, we did only one thing possible for our recruitment process- remote interviewing.
We interviewed our candidates using video conference apps such as Zoom and such, from the comfort of our homes. It was practically easier for all our other departments and the candidates too. There were few technical challenges, however, it was fun.

Obtaining the most appropriate talent rather than the best talent

One trend that we seriously followed during these hard times was understanding that recruiting the most appropriate talent rather than the best talent is fitter for us. While waiting for the best of the lot to come to us, we were losing valuable time and our tasks were piling up. So, we shifted our focus and recruited the candidate that we saw the most potential in.
And now, you can see us all flourishing! 


We have a slightly different vision of inclusion here.
We included recruiting a newer and fresher generation in our talent acquisition process, for they have a seemingly different vision of the job market. From new marketing ideas to fresher business and product development ideas, we are now seeing brilliant content everywhere.

Wrapping it up, it has been quite a ride these couple of years. Well, it always is in the HR department. However, consistently moving forward with the appropriate trends fit for our own company has always been our savior. 

By Samikshya Rana.

Samikshya Rana is Senior HR Officer at IME Digital Solution Ltd.

Follow her on LinkedIn to get more insights about HR at IME Pay.

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