Smart Health – सुरक्षित भव:
Introducing IME Pay’s New InsureTech Feature

Insure your personal health with IME Pay

IME Pay has been an integral part, a reliable digital payment medium in many Nepalese households. Users can pay for anything anywhere at any time, and also earn interest through this digital wallet. As of today, IME Pay has penetrated every possible sector that requires payment service to become the “one app for all” superwallet.

Expanding this horizon of service, we would like to introduce our newest feature added in the app in the InsureTech section- Smart Health – Surakshit Bhawa. Smart Health is a personal accidental insurance that provides financial protection to individuals and their families in the case of accidental injuries or death.
In just Re. 1 per day (Rs. 365/ year), users can insure themselves against any accidental or medical mishappenings, and get additional discount offers in the selected health sector too for up to Rs. 2,30,000/-.

Here are key components typically covered by Smart Health – Surakshit Bhawa

Accidental Death:
Provides a lump sum benefit to the insured’s beneficiaries in the unfortunate event of accidental death.
Permanent Disablement:
Offers compensation in case of permanent disability resulting from an accident, providing financial support for medical expenses and lifestyle adjustments.
Total Partial Disablement:
Covers temporary disablement, providing financial assistance during the recovery period when the insured is unable to work.
Loss of income:
Compensates for the loss of income if the insured is unable to work due to an accident, ensuring financial stability during the recovery period.
Accidental Medical Expenses:
Reimburses medical expenses incurred due to accidental injuries, including hospitalization, surgery, and rehabilitation costs.

In Death

Mourning Expenses
Provides financial support to the family or beneficiaries of the insured individual in the event of accidental death. 
Funeral Expenses
Provides financial assistance to the insured’s beneficiaries in the unfortunate event of the insured’s accidental death.

Coverages provided by Smart Health – Surakshit Bhawa

Coverage Under Permanent Disablement provided by Smart Health – Surakshit Bhawa

SN Details Reimbursement % 
1Spinal injury  100% 
Permanent disablement of one hand 100% 
Permanent disablement of leg 100% 
Loss of vision of both eyes 100% 
Loss of hearing of both ears 100% 
Loss of speech 100% 
Loss of Sight of one eye 50% 
Loss of hearing of one ear 50% 

Permanent Partial Disablement provided by Smart Health – Surakshit Bhawa

SN Details Reimbursement % 
Total Disablement of one hand 50% 
Total Disablement of one leg 50% 
Loss of one thumb and Middle finger  20% 
Loss of Memory from accident 20% 
Loss of any finger of hand or leg 10% 
Other disablement Proportionate 
Accidental medical expenses 1 lakh 

Coverage for Loss of income due to an Accident

If the insured is unable to perform regular work due to an accident, resulting in a loss of income, the insurance will indemnify 5% of the sum insured or Rs.20,000 per month, whichever is lower, up to the limit of the sum insured for a maximum period of 26 weeks. 

Medical insurance

Medical insurance with bed charge coverage is designed to provide financial protection for the expenses incurred during hospitalization, specifically covering bed charges up to NRS. 10,000.

Other Term and Conditions as per Insurance policy and agreement between both the parties.  

Major Exclusions under Medical Policy: 

  1. Hypertension 
  2. All Psychiatric or Psychosomatic Disorders and Epilepsy. 
  3. Open and Close Heart Surgery, Neuro Surgery, Cosmetics Related. 
  4. Vitamins & Tonics. 
  5. Total Replacement of Joints 
  6. Whole-body checkups. 
  7. Regular Vaccination (Covered only in accidental cases). 
  8. Alcohol consumption cases are not covered. 
  1. Planning for baby/ abortion or miscarriage. 
  2. Diabetes/ Thyroid and other recurring diseases. 
  3. Asthma 
  4. Bronchitis 
  5. Chronic Nephritis and Nephrotic Syndrome 
  6. Epilepsy 
  7. Malignancy 
  8. Tuberculosis 
  9. Cerebral and Vascular Strokes 

Please refer to the insurance policy documentation for a comprehensive understanding of the terms and conditions. 

Insuring your life for yourself and your family is a necessity, and making it easy and accessible is our priority. Insure today with IME Pay.

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