Serving the Unbanked

According to the Global Findex Database 2017, 1.7 million people in the world are unbanked, which also includes 55% of Nepal’s total population.

The majority of low income population not joining the main stream financial system is mainly due to

  • Core Banking regulatory requirements which entails numerous document evidence
  • Lack of financial literacy and financial product not tailored to serve the low income household
  • Unavailability of financial institution close to home
  • To make banking easier and accessible, IME Fintech Ecosystem strives to serve these masses and gradually upgrade them to the core financial ecosystem.
  • Increasing penetration of mobile phones which makes it easier to avail financial services.
  • Products are tailored made to meet the requirements of the targeted group at low cost.
  • Easy accessibility of services close to home through our extensive network of agents with minimum document requirement.
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