Service Charge imposed in Community-based Khanepani payment via IME Pay

IME Pay has been abetting its customers with all sorts of utility payments to ease transactions.

As a result of the cooperation of IME Pay with the Drinking Water service providers, customers can pay for drinking water service via IME Pay. No charge was levied on the transactions previously.

However, intending to improve and promote the effectiveness of such utility payments, IME Pay will be imposing a certain amount of service charge on the payment of Community-based drinking water services now onwards.

IME Pay users will have to pay a charge of Rs. 5 on each payment of the drinking water bill for community-based Khanepani services. The charge will be levied on the transactions from Magh 1st, 2079.

*This service charge is not applicable for payment of Nepal Khanepani Sansthan.

Official notice regarding service charge on Water payment

The following list of Drinking Water service provider (Khanepani Sansthan) is available in IME Pay.

Aabu Khaireni Khanepani
Aalapot Khanepani
Agyauli Khanepani
Amritpani Khanepani
Amritpur Khanepani
Angareshwar Khanepani
Attariya Khanepani
Baglung Khanepani
Bahadurgunj – Nepal Khanepani Sansthan
Balkot Khanepani
Bandehada Khanepani
Banepa – Nepal Khanepani Sansthan
Bardaghat Khanepani
Bardibas Khanepani
Bargaduwa Khanepani
Bartung Khanepani
Basamadhi Khanepani
Basthala Gangane Khanepani
Bayarban Khanepani
Belahi Khanepani
Belbari Khanepani
Belchautara Khanepani
Beni Khanepani
Bhadgaun Karadi Khirkhadi Khanepani
Bhadrapur – Nepal Khanepani Sansthan
Bhairahawa – Nepal Khanepani Sansthan
Bhalumare Jhul Khanepani
Bharatpur Khanepani (Dang)
Bharatpur Khanepani
Bhimad Khanepani
Bhurigaun Khanepani
Bindabasini – Nepal Khanepani Sansthan
Biratnagar – Nepal Khanepani Sansthan
Birendranagar Khanepani (Simaltandi)
Birgunj – Nepal Khanepani Sansthan
Birtamode Sana Sahari Khanepani
Bishnudol Khanepani
Brihat Bijuwar Khanepani
Brihat Khanepani (Bagmati-1, Sarlahi)
Budhabare Khanepani
Butwal – Nepal Khanepani Sansthan
Chainpur Khanepani
Charali Khanepani
Chargaun Khanepani
Chaurikhola Khanepani
Chhapnahala Khanepani
Chillimagadhi Khanepani
Chunikhel Tupek Khanepani
Dadhikot Brihat Khanepani
Damauli Khanepani
Danchi Bhadrabas Khanepani
Deurali Khanepani
Devdaha Khanepani
Devghat-4 Khanepani
Dhangadhi – Nepal Khanepani Sansthan
Dhankuta Khanepani
Dharapani Chisapani Khanepani
Dhaukhani Khanepani
Dhulabari Khanepani
Dhulikhel Khanepani
Dudhrakhshya Khanepani
Duhabi Khanepani
Gaindakot Khanepani
Gagal Phedi Khanepani
Gahatadi Khanepani
Garuda Khanepani
Gauradaha Khanepani
Ghorahi Khanepani
Gumi Doshro Khanepani
Gunjanagar Khanepani
Hapure Khanepani
Hariwan Khanepani
Hemja – Nepal Khanepani Sansthan
Hetauda Khanepani
Indrapur Khanepani
Indrayani Khanepani
Ishworpur Khanepani
Itahari Khanepani
Jagatpur Kerunga Khanepani
Jalthal Khanepani
Jaluke Khanepani
Janakpur – Nepal Khanepani Sansthan
Jansewa Khanepani
Jhorahat Khanepani
Jutpani Khanepani
Kakarvitta Khanepani
Kapasetar Khanepani
Katahari Khanepani
Katari Bazar Naya Khanepani
Katunje Ghatekhola Khanepani
Katunje Subarneshwor Khanepani
Kawasoti Khanepani
Khaandbaari Khanepani
Khairenitar Khanepani
Khalanga Khanepani
Khanikhola Khanepani
Kohalpur Khanepani
Kolhuwa Khanepani
Krishnanagar – Nepal Khanepani Sansthan
Kudhauli Khanepani
Lahan – Nepal Khanepani Sansthan
Lakhanpur Khanepani
Lalbandi Khanepani
Lasunpani Khanepani
Lekhapharsa Khanepani
Lekhnath Khanepani-Pokhara
Letang Khanepani
Lubhu Khanepani
Mahendranagar – Nepal Khanepani Sansthan
Mangadh Khanepani (Birat)
Manohara Khanepani
Meghauli Khanepani
Mukundapur Khanepani
Namuna Shivanagar Khanepani
Narayani Saha Lagani Khanepani
Narayanpur Khanepani-Dang
Narayanthan Khanepani
Naumule Khanepani
Nepalgunj – Nepal Khanepani Sansthan
Nijgadh Khanepani
Phidim Khanepani
Pa Amawa Khanepani
Panbari Khanepani
Pandobazar Khanepani
Parasi Khanepani
Parbatipur Khanepani
Pardi – Nepal Khanepani Sansthan
Parsa Khanepani
Pathari Khanepani
Pathlaiya Khanepani
Phulbari Khanepani
Piple Khanepani
Pithuwa Khanepani
Pragatinagar Khanepani
Prithivinarayan Khanepani
Rajahar Khanepani
Rajbiraj – Nepal Khanepani Sansthan
Rajpur Khanepani
Rampur Khanepani
Ranigunj Khanepani
Ratnanagar Khanepani – Chitwan
S S Khanepani
Sadhukati Khanepani
Sainamaina Khanepani
Sainbu Khanepani
Sano Paithani Khanepani
Shanischare Khanepani
Shivalaya Khanepani
Shivnagar Khanepani
Shree Babiyachaur Khanepani
Shukranagar Khanepani – Chitwan
Shuva Khanepani
Silichung Khanepani
Simara Khanepani
Suda Town Khanepani
Sukkhad Darakh Khanepani
Sundarbazar Khanepani
Sunawal Khanepani
Surkhet Khanepani
Surunga Khanepani
Suryabinayak Tindhara Khanepani
Tamghas Khanepani
Tarakeshwor Khanepani
Thaiba Khanepani
Tikapur Khanepani
Topgachhi Khanepani
Triyuga Khanepani
Tulshipur Khanepani
Udasipur Khanepani
Urlabari Khanepani
Waling Khanepani


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