How to renew your DEMAT/Meroshare via IME Pay

Digital payment services are far more convenient substitutes for traditional payment methods. Long lines and hectic processes are being replaced with a few taps on your smartphone. The IME Pay app, a secure and reliable digital service provider, allows users to make payments for a variety of services and send money to your friends and family from the comfort of your own home. Follow these quick and simple steps to renew your DEMAT/Meroshare Account via IME Pay:

STEP 1: Select the “Demat/Meroshare” icon on the home page.

STEP 2: Search and select your Demat/Meroshare provider from the list below.

STEP 3: Fill the required information in the text fields and click on next arrow button on the bottom of the screen.

STEP 4: Enter your 4-digit IME Pay Wallet Pin Number.

STEP 5: Review your transaction details and tap on the “Pay” button.

STEP 6: Your Demat/Meroshare is successfully renewed. Tap on “See Receipt” or the “Done” button to return to home page.

Download IME Pay on your smartphone: 

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