How to Invite & Earn on IME Pay: Get 100 Rewards Points!

New users while registering on IME Pay app can earn 100 reward points by using an invitation code referred by their family or friends. Both, the users who sent invitations as well as the new users earn 100 reward points. Follow these few simple and quick steps to Send Invitation to your friends to join IME Pay and get 100 reward points: 

STEP 1: Tap on your Display Picture in the top-right corner of the homepage to open your IME Pay Profile.

STEP 2: Tap “Invite & Earn” on your profile.

STEP 3: Tap on the “Send Invitation” button to automatically send an invitation link. OR Tap on “Copyand paste in text to send your invitation code to your friends.

STEP 4: Select any of the given methods to send your invitation link. Here, we are sending the invitation via SMS.

STEP 5: Search & Select the contact(s) you desire to send the download invitation link to and tap the “Invite” button.

STEP 6: An app download link is sent to your contact(s). Both you and your invitee will get 100 reward points when they use your link to download and register.

Your invitee must follow these steps while downloading and registering in IME Pay:

STEP 7: Your contact(s) will need to tap on the IME Pay download link.

STEP 8: Your contact(s) will be directed to Google Pay or App Store where they can download the app.

STEP 9: After the IME Pay app is downloaded they must enter their mobile number and tap the next arrow icon.

STEP 10: They will receive a 6-digit verification code via SMS, they must fill this code and tap the next arrow icon.

STEP 11: They will have to complete the registration process, fill in their personal details and tap the next arrow icon.

STEP 12: They will be asked for an Invitation Code, if the link was used, this area will be prefilled or they can also type in your code and tap “Apply”.

STEP 13: They will need to create a new PIN for their IME Pay Wallet.

STEP 14: Your contact is now registered with your Invitation Code. You will both receive 100 Reward Points once their KYC is verified.

Download IME Pay on your smartphone:

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