Receiving remittance in your wallet: How it is changing lifestyles

Remittance upgrading lifestyle

Remittance is one of the major sources of capital in our country. Around 22.5% of Nepal’s current GDP sums up from remittance income. Remittance also factors for the increase in our nation’s household income and decrease in the poverty rate. You can say, for a country like ours, remittance plays a vital role in economic growth.

With Nepal moving towards digitalization in many of its aspects, receiving remittance has also moved towards this direction with the help of online payment service providers, or in general terms, digital wallets. Only last year, there was a two-fold increase in digital wallet transactions. And a good portion of it was from remittance. Now families of migrants are directly receiving remittance in their digital wallet. This is comparatively easier, faster and more secure for them.

Receiving remittance in one’s own digital wallet has changed the lifestyle of people in our nation, as now people have direct and easy access to the income to use or dispose of at their will. Given the increase in usage of digital transaction methods everywhere, families now shop or acquire services easily at any shops or business with this remittance income. With just their mobile phone, they are now carrying out any utility or other payments from the comfort of their home.

We are proud to be one such digital wallet of Nepal to provide remittance service all over the nation. We have linked with money transfer operators of various foreign countries to make it easier for migrants to send their money safely to their families here in Nepal. With just the IME Pay app, families can easily receive the money and use it as per their requirement to enhance their quality of life.

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