IME Pay Visa Card, a Convenient Payment Solution

As we gradually shift into a Cashless Economy, different innovations and initiations unfold. In this process, IME Pay has brought significant initiations by integrating notable banking features into the digital wallet. One such feature of IME Pay is IME Pay Visa Card which allows customers to make any card payments. 

What is IME Pay Visa Card?

IME Pay Visa Card is a payment solution that helps the economy to advance on a cashless system, on large and eases the customers on their day-to-day transactions. The Visa Card is a cash substitution that allows customers to make ATM withdrawals, POS payments, and other online as well as offline payments. 

IME Pay provides virtual as well as physical cards facilitating the customers to make easy payments. A physical Visa Card is similar to any other regular Visa Card with a magnetic strip, however, a virtual card has a digital presence.

What is IME Pay Virtual Visa Card?

The “Virtual” relates to the fact that your IME Pay Virtual Visa Card only has a virtual presence- on the app. Virtual Visa cards can be used for online payments only. For convenience, you will be issued a Reference Card that provides you with all the information you need to make a purchase:

  • 16-digit Visa PrePaid Card Number
  • Expiry Date
  • CVV number

The Reference Card does not have a magnetic stripe, CHIP, or PIN associated with it and cannot be used at point-of-sale merchant terminals or at ATMs. 

Eligibility Criteria for IME Pay Visa Card

In order to be eligible for an IME Pay Visa Card, the customer’s wallet should be:

  • KYC Verified
  • A personal account (Business wallet cannot get a Visa Card)

IME Pay Visa Card Usage

The IME Pay Visa Card can be used soon after activation. Customers can use the Visa Card for:

Atm withdrawals

Customers can withdraw their wallet balance from any ATM machine using the IME Pay Visa Card. A charge of Rs. 15 will be levied on each withdrawal. On withdrawal, the amount will be debited from your digital wallet.

ATM withdrawals can be made only on Physical Card, not on a Virtual Card.

POS Payment

IME Pay Visa Card also facilitates Point-of-Sale payments with just a tap. Users can just tap their Physical Visa Card on the POS machine and the payment is completed in seconds. Unlike ATM Withdrawals, no charges or fees are imposed on POS payments.

With the visa card customers won’t have to bother with cash-hassle or any problems with the internet and QR scans. However, POS payments are available only in a physical IME Pay Visa Card, not in a Virtual Visa Card.

Online Payment

As for online payment, customers can pay for any online or e-commerce purchases, movie tickets, event tickets, or any other purchase using Visa Card credentials on checkout. 


How to get IME Pay Visa Card?

Customers can get their physical Visa Card from IME Pay Head Office at Panipokhari, IME Centers, and Visa Card Activation Booths at different locations.

For Virtual Visa Card, Customers can easily activate the card from the app on their own.

How much does an IME Pay Visa Card cost?

IME Pay has been providing Visa Cards to its customers free of cost.

How long does the activation process take?

Physical and Visa cards can be activated within 5 minutes, after a simple procedure.

Can I make ATM Withdrawals?

Yes, customers can withdraw the amount of their IME Pay wallet balance from any ATM Booth using a physical Visa Card.

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