IME Pay SUPERWALLET- now in the premium version.

Enjoy premium benefits in your digital wallet at the best rate.

Enjoy premium benefits in your digital wallet at the best rate. 

IME Pay wallet app has established itself well as the SUPERWALLET of Nepal with its interest-earning feature and other additional benefits along with its easy payment services. The freemium version of SUPERWALLET was cherished by all users as of now.  

To streamline this feature and offer better services, we would like to introduce a premium version of Superwallet. Starting from May 14, 2024, users will enter in a subscription model of IME Pay Superwallet, where they can enjoy premium benefits at just Rs. 50* per year. This premium version of Superwallet will come with benefits starting from the subscription time itself. Users who enter the premium version of Superwallet will receive 10,000 reward points in their IME Pay Superwallet instantly. 

Following this, users can enjoy below-mentioned benefits in their Superwallet throughout the year: 

  • Bank equivalent interest on wallet balance. 
  • 1.5 times reward points on transactions. 
  • Up to Rs. 6000 worth of promo codes. 
  • 0.75% cashback on e-commerce site payments from Virtual VISA card. 
  • Up to 5% cashback on top-up. 
  • 8 FREE fund transfer to bank account every month (5 free transfers in linked bank & 3 free transfers in unlinked bank). 
  • 20% discount on Health Insurance Package. 
  • Exclusive services at Cable Car. 
  • Various discounts at Hospitals, Hotels & Restaurants. 

There’s more to unlock.  

Switch to the premium version of SUPERWALLET and enjoy the SUPER benefits a digital wallet can provide. 

Terms and conditions: 

  1. Users can initially switch to Superwallet by holding the balance of Rs. 1000 overnight or by making 10 transactions via IME Pay in a month. 
  1. Users can switch to premium version of Superwallet by paying Rs. 50. 
  1. Users can choose to unsubscribe from the premium version of Superwallet by messaging “IME Unsubscribe” SMS to 37273. 
  1. Users who unsubscribe from the premium version of Superwallet will not receive any additional benefits or cashback & promocodes. 
  1. Once switched to premium version of Superwallet, users cannot unsubscribe back. 
  1. IME Pay reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions without any prior notice. 

*Subjected to further upgrade 

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