IME Pay & Media international 2021 collaborate for Financial Literacy

Kathmandu, 10 July 2021. IME Pay and Media International have reached an agreement for collaboration on a financial literacy program. As per the agreement, IME Pay will be the main sponsor of the financial digitization literacy program organized by Media International in 77 districts of the country. The agreement has been signed by Bikash Nahata, Chief Executive Officer of IME Digital Solutions Limited, and Madhav Nirdosh, Managing Director of Media International.

IME has given the responsibility to conduct the training sessions through virtual mediums to Madhav Katuwal, the Head of Training Department. Katuwal has been successfully leading the IME training committee on the “Digital Gaun Abhiyan”, a training initiative that commenced in February of 2019, with the mission to educate the public in rural areas about digital services. They aim to empower the rural public with access and knowledge of the digital payment system, and so, this program in collaboration with Media International is another step towards IME Pay’s ultimate vision; financial inclusion.

Since the inception of the Financial Digitalization Literacy program, the team has conducted 6 live online sessions with a total participation of 501 people within June and July.

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