IME Pay and Muktinath Capital Collaboration: Now Pay for DEMAT & Mero Share Online from IME Pay


One of Nepal’s leading payment gateway and digital wallet, IME Pay has made an agreement with one of the pioneer investment/merchant banks of Nepal, Muktinath Capital Limited. The agreement between these two companies focuses on facilitating digitalization in banking services and making them accessible to all. This will surely prove a boon to everyone as they will get to enjoy banking services by staying safe at their homes.

Now the customers of Muktinath Capital can pay their Demat and meroshare online renew easily via IME Pay. To assure this agreement, executive director of Muktinath Capital, Kabindra Joshi, and head of the market management department of IME Pay, Guna Shrestha signed the agreement paper. Both companies are looking forward to receiving positive responses from their users.

IME Pay is the first digital wallet to get licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank. Their digital wallet services have improved over time. IME Pay is one of Nepal’s emerging digital payment service providers that has gained popularity over the past few years. It’s basically cash to financial transactions at your fingertips for general payments. It provides its users with a wide range of payment gateways.

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