IME Nepal Lok Star


Lok music is the most popular genre in Nepal. Every year, thousands of songs are released within this genre. Lok songs are viewed millions of times on YouTube and other audio visual media. As an attempt to make this traditional genre more professional, AP1 Television is adapting to further popularize the music with a reality show introduced as “Nepal Lok Star”. The program has been equipped with Ad Pad Pvt. Ltd. as their official agency for promotion and marketing. “Nepal Lok Star” shows the characteristics of becoming one of Nepal’s biggest singing reality shows with an investment of near Rs. 10 crores.

The Open Auditions of “Nepal Lok Star” started on Falgun 16 and ended on Chaitra 25. Thousands of Lok singers participated in the Open Auditions in the 7 states out of which 50 contestants were selected from each state, with a total of 350 Lok singers moving on to the Judge Auditions. The judges will then select 25 singers who will move on to the Mega Auditions, in which public voting will be introduced. Three finalists will be selected in the finale of “Nepal Lok Star”, in which the winner will receive a cash prize of 50 lakhs, the 1st runner up will receive 25 lakhs and the 2nd runner up will receive 10 lakhs. Furthermore, all 3 finalists will sign music album contracts.

The judges’ panel of “Nepal Lok Star” consists of Jayananda Lama, B.B. Anuragi, Sunita Dulal and Ramji Khand. All the shooting until Mega Auditions have been completed and it started airing on AP1 HD Channel on 27th June. The show will air a total of 36 episodes every Thursday and Friday at 8:30 pm.

Impressed by the originality of the program’s concept, IME has stepped in as the title sponsor along with IME Pay as the exclusive app voting partner. The IME – Nepal Lok Star agreement was signed for 2 seasons in a press meet held on 18th June in Hotel Annapurna, Durbarmarg. After the agreement, the program is now called “IME Nepal Lok Star”.

“IME Nepal Lok Star aspires to become a milestone for Lok music. We believe this show will develop not only the Lok genre, but the Nepali music sector as a whole. Production of such reality shows catering to the Nepalese taste is sure to provide a boost to the improvement of Nepali Media and widen the scope of the Nepali Media Market. We want to thank the IME group for supporting us as our key sponsor and giving our cause more meaning.” said Ad Pad’s Chairman, Sudeep Thapa.

“We are proud to join Nepal Lok Star who have created a concept based entirely on our country’s ideology. This is a small effort on our part for the enhancement and promotion of Nepali Lok music.” stated Mr. Suman Pokhrel, Chief Executive Officer at IME Ltd.