IME Nepal Lok Star Voting Feature launched


IME Nepal Lok Star, a singing reality shows on AP1 Television has now reached its voting and elimination rounds. As the reality show progressed towards their Mega Auditions with the top 25 of the finest Lok singers in the country, on 25th July, 2019 IME Pay stepped in as the exclusive app voting partner with a brand new feature. Now using the IME Pay App, viewers of the show can easily vote for their favorite performers on IME Nepal Lok Star.

The show airs on AP1 HD Channel every Thursday and Friday at 8:30 pm. In order to cast a vote viewers can tap on the “Lok Star” icon under “Event & Ticketing”. Here, users can check whether or not voting is open at that time; if not, then the date and time of when the voting will be available next is displayed. If voting is open then viewers can tap on “Vote Now” and browse through the list of contestants. After tapping on “Vote” for their favorite contestant viewer can select from a list of voting packages. Then, viewers may cast one free vote every week or select from packages of 20 votes for Rs. 100, 50 votes for Rs. 250 and 100 votes for Rs. 500.

The new voting feature was developed and introduced on IME Pay by the collective efforts of the IME Digital Solution Pvt. Ltd. business unit and product team working alongside a team of developers from Swift Technology Pvt. Ltd.

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