IME Gharmai Win Rs. 1 Lakh

Keeping the ongoing pandemic Covid-19 in mind, IME Limited has presented its Fiscal Year Ending Scheme, “IME Gharmai – Win Rs. 1 Lakh”. According to the scheme, customers can receiving remittance money from inside Nepal and abroad directly in their IME Pay wallet had a chance win Rs. 1 Lakh staying at home.

The campaign was released on 15th June, 2020 inspiring people to stay home and transact from home. In accordance with the campaign, only the users receiving remittance money in the IME Pay wallet are subjected to this schema. One winner at the end of the month will receive Rs. 1 lakh as a bumper prize. Similarly, 5 winners can get Rs. 5000 each per week and all users can enjoy Rs.50 bonus in each remittance transaction made in IME Pay mobile wallet.

The sole aim of releasing the campaign is to suggest people to stay home and receive money in the comfort of their own home via IME Pay mobile wallet.

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