How to Buy Domestic Airline Tickets on IME Pay

IME Pay is an advanced digital wallet that allows users to transfer money from wallet to wallet, pay utility bills and financial payments, and instantly make purchases online or offline with a few quick taps on their smartphones. It essentially brings all cash transactions to the tips of your fingers, from basic household purchases to high-volume business trades. With our wide range of partners and merchants, we are dedicated to ease your everyday life by providing you the most lucrative offers.

Enjoy your hassle-free domestic flight booking experience with help of IME Pay and receive cashback on every booking. Book a flight ticket from IME Pay, anywhere you want, at any time.

Follow these quick and simple steps to Buy Domestic Airline Tickets on IME Pay:

STEP 1: Scroll down on the homepage and tap on the “Airlines” icon in the Event & Ticketing section.

STEP 2: Select the One Way or Two Way tab according to your flight requirements. Here, we are selecting Two Ways.

STEP 3: Enter your flight requirements: city and date of departure and arrival, your nationality, and the number of passengers.

STEP 4: Select a departure flight from the list based on your desired airline, flight time, ticket class, price, cashback, and other details.

Note: Tap on this icon to filter the list based on Airlines, Ticket type, and Price. Once filtered, tap on Apply.

STEP 5: Select an arrival flight from the given list.

STEP 6: Tap on “View Fare Breakdown” to review your ticket price.

STEP 7: Review your price breakdown and tap on “Done”.

STEP 8: Review your flight details, scroll down on the screen, and tap on “Book Flight”.

STEP 9: Enter your contact and passenger details and tap and “Continue Booking”.

STEP 10: Review your contact and passenger details and tap on “Buy Tickets”.

STEP 11: Enter your 4-digit IME Pay Wallet Pin Number

STEP 12: Here, you can view your receipt and tap on “Save Tickets” to download the PDF file of the receipt.

STEP 13: You have successfully purchased your Air tickets. Show the digital Air Ticket PDF on your device at the airport ticket counter.

 You don’t need to print your ticket anymore!

Download IME Pay on your smartphone:

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