Book your Domestic Flights via IME Pay:

Book your Domestic Flights via IME Pay
Book your Domestic Flights via IME Pay:

IME Pay endeavors to make travel dreams come true for everyone with a seamless air ticket booking process. IME Pay introduces you with the best flight booking experience along with special discount offers. If you have got an upcoming travel plan just switch on to IME Pay app, select your domestic destination and choose your desired airline flight time, ticket class, price, cashback and other details to get your flight booking instantly. You can also select the One Way or Two Way tab according to your flight requirements.

(Click here to see the Domestic Airline Tickets Booking procedure Via IME Pay)

IME Pay has tied up with various leading merchants including following domestic airlines to ensure hassle-free ticket booking nationwide. Here, are the list of all the Airlines available on IME Pay: 

  1. Nepal Airlines Domestic
  2. Yeti Airlines
  3. Buddha Air
  4. Saurya Airlines
  5. Simrik Airlines 
  6. Shree Airlines 

Don’t get baffled and seize the amazing cashback offer on a flight ticket to make your travel economical. IME Pay has continuously discovered the innovative ways to cut down the efforts required in domestic air ticket booking. To experience stress- free flight booking choose IME Pay and have user- friendly interface and quick payments to easy flight comparisons and instant booking. It’s high time to leave behind all the time constraint and hassle that comes with flight booking. Book your tickets from the comfort of your home, at any time, in just a few clicks on your phone.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) Related to Domestic Flights Booking Via IME Pay:

1.What is the maximum number of seats that I can book in one booking?

-You can book tickets for up to 10 adult passengers and 10 children passengers in one flight booking. Making a total of 20 bookings at a time.

2.Is booking seats for infants required?

-No, you don’t need to book seats for children under 2 years old. But, it is up to you to decide whether you want to book a separate seat for your infant.

3.Can I get a refund on my booking?

-You can check whether or not each ticket is refundable at the time of booking. This information is indicated in the flight list as refundable or non- refundable. You can also filter this list by the type of ticket you want from the “filter icon” in the top right corner of the flight list.

4.Can I book tickets for my family members/ friends using my registered account?

-Yes, You can book tickets for another person. You can simply enter the passenger’s detail at the time of booking.

5.Do I need to print my ticket?

-No, You don’t need to print your ticket anymore. You can simply show the digital Air Ticket PDF on your device at the Airport ticket counter. You can also access all your tickets in the “My Tickets” section inside your IME Pay profile.

6.How much baggage can I carry on flight?

-The baggage allowance policy varies according to your airline type. After you select your departure and arrival flight, you can tap on “View Fare Breakdown” to review your ticket price where you can see the baggage weight you are allowed to carry.

7.What other documents do I need to carry along with the virtual ticket?

-You need to carry your citizenship card or any other valid ID card along with your digital air ticket PDF on your device.

8.How early should you arrive for a domestic flight?

-If you’re not checking in luggage, the carrier advises you to arrive at the airport at least 60 minutes before your scheduled departure time. If you’re checking in luggage, it’s 90 minutes.

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