Aile Nakhele Kaile – Win Big at Just Re. 1

Are you ready to turn your pocket change into a chance to win fantastic prizes? We’re thrilled to introduce you to our continuation of – “Aile Nakhele Kaile”. This exciting game is all about embracing the power of technology and giving everyone a shot at scoring big, all for just Re. 1. Discover how you can be a part of this thrilling experience and walk away with impressive prizes!

The concept is simple yet exhilarating: choose a product you love, pay just Re. 1, and secure your entry into the game. Customers can secure their chance to win exciting products by Honor. The newly launched Honor 90 Lite and two Earbuds X5.

The “Aile Nakhele Kaile” offer starts on August 27, 2023, and will end on September 30, 2023. The winners will be announced on October 2, 2023. One winner will be selected for each product.

How to be eligible for Aile Nakhele Kaile?

Customers can be a part of this offer by simply following the steps below:

Step 1: Go to your IME Pay homepage and click on the “Aile Nakhele Kaile” offer banner.

Step 2: Click on “Product” dropdown and choose the product you want to win.

Step 3: Proceed with your IME Pay transaction PIN.

Step 4: Continue and select other products if you want more chances

Play now! Aile Nakhele Kaile?!

Terms and Conditions:

  1. All IME Pay users are eligible for this scheme.
  2. The Celltron Nepal (Honor) Partnership Offer on IME Pay will run from August 27 to September 30, 2023.
  3. Users will be charged Re. 1 for each game played.
  4. Users can play as many times as they wish.
  5. The Celltron Nepal (Honor) Partnership Offer features three products: Honor 90 Lite, and 2 Honor Earbuds X5.
  6. 3 winners will get each product.
  7. Each winner will be a unique user, selected randomly.
  8. Winners will be announced via social media portals on October 3, 2023.
  9. The whole invested amount will be returned to your wallet if you do not win.
  1. if we do not win do we get our money back? And if we do win and we have played for 500 times how much do we get our money back

    1. If you do not win, you will get the whole money back. And if you do win, then the amount of Re. 1 will be deducted from your wallet, aside from that, whole amount will be refunded.

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