100 ma 100 Recharge CASHBACK Offer – Rs. 1000 BUMPER Bonus

The terms and conditions for the “100 ma 100 cashback topup offer” state that this offer is only available to certain users who have received an SMS or notification regarding the offer. If you have not received such a message, you are not eligible for this offer.

For those who are eligible, the offer provides a cashback of Rs. 100 for every top-up of Rs. 100. To avail of this offer, eligible users must recharge their top-up with an amount of Rs. 100 within the specified time frame.

Once the recharge is successful, users will receive the cashback within 72 working hours. It’s important to note that the cashback will only be given after the offer validation period, which means the offer may not be valid immediately after receiving the SMS/notification.

Furthermore, one customer will get a BUMPER bonus of Rs. 1000. The winner will be randomly selected at the end of the offer. The bonus amount will be sent directly to the winner’s wallet. Only the winner will be notified about the winning bonus, other users in the set won’t be notified. The bumper offer will be provided if a minimum of 1000 eligible users use the offer.

It’s essential to understand that this offer is targeted and has limited availability. Users must recharge their top-up with the specified amount and within the offer period to avail of the cashback. Additionally, users must ensure that they have received an SMS or notification regarding the offer, or else they will not be eligible for the cashback.